VOLARIS nuevo vuelo CALIFORNIA via Tijuana

Nuevo vuelo hacia CALIFORNIA aterrizando en el Aeropuerto CBX de Tijuna, llegas directo a san diego sin salir de las instaliaciones. Precio $149 dolares IMPUESTOS INCLUIDOS viaje de solo ida. Saliendo desde Guatemala La AUrora o desde El Salvador Monseñor OScar Arnulfo Romero. Puedes ver tambien ofertas de vuelos San Salvador a Costa Rica Tambien disponible vuelo directo a Guatemala

condiciones de la compra

Tarifia disponible desde $149.00 USD. La tarifa puede variar por vuelo y la acupacién de vuelo. Tarifa aplica solo ida saliendo desde el Aeropuerto lnternecional La Aurora 0 Aeropuerto International Oscar Arnulfo Romero e induye impueebos. Llega a California por medio del Cross Border Xpress con un oosto adicional. Na incluye servicios adicionales en el transporte aéreo. Solo se incluyen 2 equipajes de mane pequefios que en su conjunto no superen lo: 10 kg y no incluye equipeje documentatio. Terifa disponible en volaris.com. ‘Sujeto a aprobecién gubernemenml. Precios que te hacen volar. COMPRA EN @volaris.com telefono 2504-5540

The Cross Border Xpress Project

As one of the largest and most experienced general contractors in the United States, Turner Construction has delivered count-less pedestrian bridges throughout its hist,. However, the company has never before built a bridge that spans two countries, which requires coordination of two sets of federal government agencies and all the standards and mandat. that come with that. Despite the potendal challenges that could arise with a job of this com-plexity, the Cross Border Xpress project was completed on time and within schedule, according to Jason Falco, project manager for Turner Construction. “The fact that we built half of a bridge in the U.S. and another country built the other half is unique,” Falco says. “We had our share of chal-lenges, but at the end of the day, everything came together functionally and all the finish. matched,

Tijuana International Airport

The Cross Border Xpress includes an elevated pedestrian bridge for ‘Tijuana International Airpoit passengeis crossing the U.S./Mexico bor-der. It is the first to connect a facility in the United Stat. directly into a foreign ahport terminal, according to Otay Tijuana Venture (OTJV) LLC, the owner of the project. The $120 million job broke ground in May 2014 after more than six years of planning, design and permitting through U.S. and Mexican gov-ernment agenci.. According to Falco, the project was completed in Oc-tober 2015. OTJV sta. the facility will serve approximately 2.4 million passengers who already cross the border as part of their travels. The bridge will help these passengers avoid =predictable, long delays at the often congested San Ysidro and Otay Mesa land ports of entry. Accord-ing to Falco, Turner Construction was responsible for the construction of the U.S. portion of the Cross Border Xpress. This scope of work in-

benefits cross border xpress

volved about 70,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor patio waiting in the beginning of the project to discuss crane positioning, where to areas for passengers and guests, retail, food and beverage services, bilin- stage materials and where to build the bridge so it would not impact na-gual customer service and information, and short- and long-term parking. tional security,” Falco says.The site work was completed by Hazard Construction, and Turner com- Falco credits architects Legoretta + Legoretta from Mexico and Starr-pleted the building and the bridge. The pedestrian bridge extends 390 tec from the United States – which has vast experience in designing air-feet and is enclosed with divided north/south corridors. port facilities worldwide – for the design plan that brought the project tofruition.

design cross border xpress

Double the Mandates “[Legoretta + Legoretta] developed the conceptual design and pickedConsidering the job site itselfwas on the border of the United States and all the ñnishes and carne up with the general direction,” Falco says. “Stan-Mexico, site access took on a new level of importance. According to tec was the designer of record, so they took their vision and made it workFalco, Turner and the crews had to determine how to get workers in and with U.S. codes and procedures.”out of the site, where to place cranes to lift portions of the bridge, and Staying true to the original schedule was of the utmost importance forhow to bring equipment safely in and out of the area. Turner due to the hefty damages that could be incurred for any delays on
“W’e had a lot of meetings with Customs and Border Protection (GBP) completion. CPB had a significant number of people on its payroll it

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